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Title Author Publisher Year Notes Class Code Shelf Loan Copy
The minor anthologies of the Pali canon. Part I : Dhammapada : verses on Dhamma, and, Khuddaka-pāṭha : the text of the minor sayings Davids, Caroline A.F. Rhys (Caroline Augusta Foley Rhys), 1857-1942.

re-edited and translated by Mrs Rhys Davids.
London : H. Milford 1931 Reprint. First published : 1942 BQ 1512 .E5 PTS
The Tibetan Dhammapada : sayings of the Buddha : a translation of the Tibetan version of the Udānavarga. Rev. ed. Sparham, Gareth

compiled by Dharmatrata ; translated from Tibetan and with an introduction by Gareth Sparham ; with guidance from Lobsang Gyatso and Ngawang Thekchok ; edited by Beth Lee Simon.
London : Wisdom 1986 BQ 1382 .E5 SPA
Light of liberation : a history of Buddhism in India Yeshe De Project.

compiled by the Yeshe De Project and edited by Elizabeth Cook.
Berkeley : Dharma Publishing 1992 BQ 286 LIG
The minor anthologies of the Pali canon. Part IV : Vimānavatthu : stories of the mansions : new translations of the verses and commentarial excerpts Horner, I.B. (Isaline Blew), 1896-1981. ; Gehman, Henry Snyder, 1888-1981. ; Jayawickrama, N.A.

translated by I.B. Horner, assisted by N.A. Jayawickrama ; Petavatthu translated by H.S. Gehman.
London : Pali Text Society 1974 Reprint. First published : 1942. BQ 1512 .E5 PTS
Hand-book of Chinese Buddhism, being a Sanskrit-Chinese dictionary with vocabularies of Buddhist terms in Pali, Singhalese, Siamese, Burmese, Tibetan, Mongolian and Japanese. 2nd rev. ed. Eitel, Ernest John, 1838-1908.

by Ernest J. Eitel ; second edition revised and enlarged by K. Takakuwa.
San Francisco : Chinese Materials Center 1976 Reprint. 2nd ed. first published : Tokyo : Sanshusha, 1904. BQ 130 EIT
Japanese-English Buddhist dictionary. Part 2 : Mandara -- Zunnan
Tokyo : Daitō Shuppansha 1965 BQ 130 JAP
A catalogue of the Buddhist Tripitaka Nanjio, Bunyiu, 1849-1927.

Bunyiu Nanjio ; with additions and corrections by Lokesh Chandra.
New Delhi : Lokesh Chandra 1980 Reprint. First published : Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1883. Z 7862 NAN
Japanese-English Buddhist dictionary. Part 1 : A -- Man
Tokyo : Daitō Shuppansha 1965 BQ 130 JAP
Sanskrit-Tibetan-English vocabulary : being an edition and translation of the Mahāvyutpatti Kőrösi Csoma, Sándor, 1784-1842.

by Alexander Csoma de Kőrös.
Budapest : Akadémiai Kiadó 1984 BQ 133 .M3412 KOR
Der buddhistische Kanon : eine Bibliographie Grönbold, Günter

Günter Grönbold,
Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz 1984 Z 7862 GRO