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Title Author Publishersort descending Year Notes Class Code Shelf Loan Copy
Buddhist iconography Morgan, Catharine ; Morgan, Peggy

by Catharine and Peggy Morgan.
author BQ 4570 .A7 MOR
A comparison of the Abhidharmakośabhāṣya (chapters I-III) and the Yogācārabhūmi Kritzer, Robert

Robert Kritzer.
author 2001 BQ 2687 KRI
Buddhist stories Morgan, Peggy

presented by Peggy Morgan.
author BQ 5742 MOR
Buddhism and ethics : symposium volume International Association of Buddhist Universities.

International Association of Buddhist Universities.
Bangkok : International Association of Buddhist Universities 2008 BJ 1289 INT
Handbook for mankind Phra Thepwisutthimethi (Nguam), 1906-1993.

Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu.
Bangkok : Buddhadasa Foundation "Originally presented as a series of lectures delivered ... in May 1956." BQ 7245 BUD
Sartre's existentialism and early Buddhism : a comparative study of selflessness theories. 2nd ed. Phra Mēthīthammāphō̜n (Prayūn)

Phra Medhidhammaporn (Prayoon Mererk).
Bangkok : Buddhadhamma Foundation 1995 B 2430 .SAR PRA
Toward sustainable science : a Buddhist look at trends in scientific development Phra Thēpwēthī (Prayut) ; Payutto, P.A.

P.A. (Payutto) ; translated by Bruce Evans.
Bangkok : Buddhadhamma Foundation 1995 Reprint. First published : 1993. BQ 4570 .S3 PAY
Sārattha čhāk silāčhārưk nai Prathēt Thai
The essence of Thai inscriptions : a collecton of Cha-em Kaewglai : a contribution of Dhammachai International Research Institution of Australia and New Zealand
Chaʻēm Kǣokhlāi.

rūaprūam dōi Chaʻēm Kǣokhlāi.
Bangkok : Dhammachai International Research Institute 2013 CN 1220 CHA
The heart of Dhammakāya meditation Sœ̄mchai, Phra Mahā.

by Phra Ajahn Maha Sermchai Jayamanggalo.
Bangkok : Dhammakaya Buddhist Meditation Foundation 1991 BQ 5612 SER
The life and times of Luang Phaw Wat Paknam. 3rd rev. ed. Dhammakaya Foundation
Bangkok : Dhammakaya Foundation 2003 BQ 978 .H666 LUA