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Title Author Publisher Year Notes Class Code Shelf Loan Copy
The Tibetan text of the Pratyutpanna-Buddha-sammukhavasthita-samadhi-sutra Harrison, Paul M. (Paul Maxwell), 1950-

critically edited from the Derge, Narthang, Peking and Lhasa editions of the Tibetan Kanjur and accompanied by a concordance and comparative table of chapters of the Tibetan and Chinese version [by] Paul M. Harrison.
Tokyo : International Institute for Buddhist Studies 1978 BQ 1833 HAR
Druma-kinnara-rāja-paripṛcchā-sūtra : a critical edition of the Tibetan text (recension A) based on eight editions of the Kanjur and the Dunhuang manuscript fragment Harrison, Paul M. (Paul Maxwell), 1950-

Paul Harrison.
Tokyo : International Institute for Buddhist Studies 1992 BQ 2240 .DRU HAR
Sanskrit Lotus Sutra manuscript from the National Archives of Nepal (no. 4-21). Romanized text 1 Toda, Hirofumi, 1936-

edited by Hirofumi Toda.
Tokyo : Soka Gakkai 2001 Brāhmi script. BQ 2050 TOD
A guide to the literature of Khotan. 2nd ed. Emmerick, Ronald E.

Ronald E. Emmerick.
Tokyo: International Institute for Buddhist Studies 1992 PK 6199.8 EMM
Der Orden in der Lehre : zur religiösen Deutung des Sangha im frühen Buddhismus
The Order in the teachings : a religious interpretation of the Sangha in early Buddhism
Freiberger, Oliver

Oliver Freiberger.
Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz 2000 BQ 6135 FRE
On the date of the Buddhist master of the law Vasubandhu Frauwallner, Erich, 1898-1974., Vasubandhu.

E. Frauwallner.
Roma: Is.M.E.O. 1951 BQ 7529 .V363 FRA
Global citizens : the Soka Gakkai Buddhist movement in the world Machacek, David & Wilson, Bryan R.

edited by David Machacek and Bryan Wilson.
Oxford : Oxford University Press 2000 BQ 8412.8 GLO
Contemporary Buddhist ethics Keown, Damien, 1951-

edited by Damien Keown.
Richmond : Curzon Press 2000 BJ 1289 KEO
The religions of the Hindukush. Vol. 1 : the religion of the Kafirs, the pre-Islamic heritage of Afghan Nuristan Jettmar, Karl

by Karl Jettmar ; translated from the German by Adam Nayyar ; with contributions from Schuyler Jones and Max Klimburg ; and a glossary by Peter S.C. Parkes.
Warminster : Aris & Phillips 1986 BL 1750 JET
The soul of a people Fielding, H. (Harold), 1859-1917.

by H. Fielding Hall.
London: Macmillan 1904 Reprint. First published: London, 1898. BQ 27 HAL