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Title Author Publisher Year Notes Class Code Shelf Loan Copy
Puggala-paññatti, and, Puggala-paññatti-atthakathā Morris, Richard, 1883-1894. ; Landsberg, Georg ; Davids, Caroline A. F. Rhys (Caroline Augusta Foley Rhys), 1857-1942.

Puggalapaññatti edited by Richard Morris ; Puggala-paññatti-atthakathā edited by Georg Landsberg and Mrs Rhys Davids.
Oxford : Pali Text Society 1997 Reprint. Combined vol. first published : 1972. BQ 2530 PTS
The Aṅguttara-nikāya. Part IV : Sattaka-nipāta, Aṭṭhaka nipāta and Navaka-nipāta. Hardy, Edmund, 1852-1894.

edited by E. Hardy.
Oxford : Pali Text Society 1999 Reprint. First published : 1899. BQ 1340 PTS
Relics, ritual, and representation in Buddhism : rematerializing the Sri Lankan Theravāda tradition Trainor, Kevin

general editor, Kevin Trainor.
Cambridge etc. : Cambridge University Press 1997 BQ 924 TRA
The Udāna commentary (Paramatthadīpanī nāma Udānaṭṭhakathā). Vol. I Dhammapāla.

by Dhammapāla ; translated from the Pāli by Peter Masefield.
Oxford : Pali Text Society 1994 BQ 1395 .PAR PTS
An anthology of Buddhist Tantric songs : a study of the Caryāgīti Kvaerne, Per, 1945-

Per Kvaerne.
Oslo etc. : Universitetforlaget 1977 BQ 5065 .C373 KVA
Polishing the diamond, enlightening the mind : reflections of a Korean Buddhist master Kim, Chae-ung, 1942-

Master Jae Woong Kim ; translated from the Korean by Yoon Sang Han.
Boston : Wisdom 1999 BQ 5410 KIM
Buddhism and abortion Keown, Damien, 1951-

edited by Damien Keown.
London : Macmillan Press 1999 HQ 767.38 .B83 KEO
The kingdoms of Pu.hrang : according to mNga'.ris rgyal.rabs by mkhan.chen Ngag.dbang Vitali, Roberto

Roberto Vitali.
Dharamsala : Tho-ling gtsug.lag.jhang lo.gcig.stong ''i rjes.dran.mdzad sgo'i go.sgrig tshogs.chung 1996 DS 785 VIT
Buddhism in contemporary Tibet : religious revival and cultural identity Goldstein, Melvyn C. ; Kapstein, Matthew T.

edited by Melvyn C. Goldstein and Matthew T. Kapstein ; foreword by Orville Schell.
Berkeley etc. : University of California Press 1998 BQ 7950 BUD
Tibetan Buddhism : reason and revelation Goodman, Steven D., 1945- & Davidson, Ronald M., 1950-

edited by Steven D. Goodman and Ronald M. Davidson.
Delhi : Sri Satguru 1993 Reprint. First published: Albany: State University of New York Press, 1992. BQ 7612 TIB