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Title Author Publisher Year Notes Class Code Shelf Loan Copy
The Pali Text Society's Pali-English dictionary Davids, T.W. Rhys (Thomas William Rhys), 1843-1922. ; Stede, William, b. 1882.

edited by T.W. Rhys Davids and William Stede.
London : Pali Text Society 1986 7th reprint. First published : 1921-25. PK 1091 .EN PTS
Buddhism and nature : the lecture delivered on the occasion of the EXPO 1990: an enlarged version with notes Schmithausen, Lambert

Lambert Schmithausen.
Tokyo : International Institute for Buddhist Studies 1991 BQ 4570 .N3 SCH
Location list for the texts in the microfiche edition of the Phug brag Kanjur. Compiled from the microfiche edition and Jampe Samten's descriptive catalogue Eimer, Helmut

Helmut Eimer.
Tokyo: International Institute for Buddhist Studies 1993 Z 7862.4 EIM
The sherpas of Nepal : Buddhist highlanders Fürer-Haimendorf, Christoph von, 1909-1995.

Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf.
London : John Murray 1964 DS 4939 FÜR
The Twelve Olympians Seltman, Charles

Charles Seltman.
London: Pan 1961 Reprint. First published: 1952. 164.395 SEL
Sangha, state, and society : Thai Buddhism in history Ishii, Yoneo, 1929-

Yoneo Ishii ; translated from the Japanese by Peter Hawkes.
Honolulu : University of Hawaii Press 1986 Translation of : Jōzabu Bukkyō no seijishakaigaku. BQ 554 ISH
Greater Magadha : studies in the culture of early India Bronkhorst, Johannes, 1946-

by Johannes Bronkhorst.
Leiden etc. : Brill 2007 DS 426 BRO
The life of the Buddha. Rev. ed. Warren, Henry Clarke, 1854-1899.

Henry C. Warren ; foreword by Charles R. Lanman ; edited and enlarged by Pushpendra Kumar.
Delhi : Eastern Book Linkers 1986 Reprint. BQ 872 WAR
A history of Buddhist philosophy : continuities and discontinuities Kalupahana, David J., 1933-

David J. Kalupahana.
Honolulu : University of Hawaii Press 1992 BQ 4090 KAL
Cloudless sky : the Mahamudra path of the Tibetan Kagyü Buddhist School Kongtrül, Jamgön, 1954-

Jamgön Kongtrül ; edited and translated from Tibetan into German by Tina Drasczyk and Alex Drasczyk; English translation by Richard Gravel.
Boston & London : Shambhala 1992 BQ 7679.6 KLO