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Title Author Publisher Year Notes Class Code Shelf Loan Copy
English-Tibetan colloquial dictionary. 2nd ed. Bell, Charles Alfred, Sir, 1870-1945.

by C.A. Bell.
Calcutta: West Bengal Government Press 1965 Reprint. First published: Calcutta, 1920. PL3637 .EN BEL
The gospel of the Buddha, compiled from ancient records Carus, Paul, 1852-1919.

by Paul Carus; illustrated by O. Kopetzky.
New Delhi etc.: Asian Educational Services 1991 Reprint. First published: London. 1894. BQ 915 CAR
The beginnings of Buddhist art and other essays in Indian and Central-Asian archaeology Foucher, A. (Alfred), 1865-1952.

by A. Foucher ; revised by the author and translated by L.A. Thomas and F.W. Thomas ; with a preface by the latter.
Paris : P. Geuthner ; London : H. Milford 1917 BQ 4570 .A7 FOU
A Sanskrit-English dictionary, etymologically and philologically arranged with special reference to cognate Indo-European languages. New ed. Monier-Williams, Monier, Sir, 1819-1899.

Sir Monier Monier-Williams ; new ed. greatly enlarged and improved with the collaboration of E. Leumann, C. Cappeller and other scholars.
Delhi etc. : Motilal Banarsidass 1986 PK 905 .EN MON
History of Indian literature. Vol. 2 : Buddhist literature and Jaina literature. 2nd ed. Winternitz, M. (Moriz), 1863-1937.

by Maurice Winternitz ; translated from the original German by Mrs S. Ketkar and Miss H. Kohn and revised by the author.
New Delhi : Oriental Books Reprint Corporation 1977 BQ 1029 .I42 WIN
The history of Buddhist thought. 2nd ed. Thomas, E.J. (Edward Joseph), 1869-1958.

by Edward J. Thomas.
London : Routledge & Kegan Paul 1971 Reprint. 2nd ed. first published : 1951. BQ 4090 THO
The Yogācārabhūmi of Ācārya Asanga : the Sanskrit text compared with the Tibetan version Asaṅga.

Asaṅga ; edited by Vidhushekhara Bhattacharya.
Calcutta : University of Calcutta 1957 BQ 3050 .Y56 BHA
Teaching Buddhism in the West : from the wheel to the web Hori, Victor Sōgen ... [et al.]

edited by Victor Sōgen Hori, Richard P. Hayes and James Mark Shields.
London : RoutledgeCurzon 2002 Proceedings of a conference: Teaching Buddhism: the state of the art, at the Faculty of Religious Studies of McGill University, October 1999. BQ 158 TEA
The writings of Nichiren Daishonin. Vol. I Nichiren, 1222-1282.

editor-translator the Gosho Translation Committee.
Tokyo : Soka Gakkai 1999 BQ 8349 NIC
Remaking Buddhism for medieval Nepal : the fifteenth-century reformation of Newar Buddhism Tuladhar-Douglas, Will

Will Tuladhar-Douglas.
London & New York : Routledge 2006 BQ 396 TUL