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Title Author Publisher Yearsort ascending Notes Class Code Shelf Loan Copy
The structure and interpretation of early Prajñāpāramitā : an analysis via chiasmic theory Shi, Huifeng

Shi Huifeng.
Hong Kong : University of Hong Kong, Centre of Buddhist Studies 2017 BQ 1801 SHI
La formation du Mahāvastu : et la mise en place des conceptions relatives à la carrière du bodhisattva Tournier, Vincent

Vincent Tournier.
Paris : École Française d'Extrême-Orient 2017 BQ 1597 TOU
The sun over the sea of enlightenment = Gakhae illyun Chinjong, 1864-1940.

by Baek Yongseong ; annotated translation and introduction by Suh Junghyung.
Seoul : Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism 2017 BQ 4150 .P3313 CHI
Sanskrit Lotus Sutra manuscript from the National Archives of Nepal (no.5-144). Romanized text Kotsuki, Haruaki

edited by Haruaki Kotsuki.
Tokyo : Soka Gakkai ; IOP 2017 BQ 2050 NEP / KOT
An anthology of East Asian commentaries on the Nyāyapraveśa = Inmyeong ip jeongni-ron hoeseok Pak, Han-yŏng, 1870-1948.

by Bak Hanyeong ; annotated translation and introduction by Ham Hyoung Seok.
Seoul : Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism 2017 BQ 3207 PAK
Secular Buddhism : imagining the dharma in an uncertain world Batchelor, Stephen
New Haven & London : Yale University Press 2017 BQ 4210 BAT
Buddhist heritage in India and Sri Lanka : rediscovery and restoration Fernando, R.P.

R.P. Fernando.
New Delhi : Kaveri Books 2017 BQ 239 .I4 FER
Early Indian epistemology and logic : fragments from Jinendrabuddhi's Pramāṉasamuccayaṭīkā 1 and 2 Steinkellner, Ernst

Ernst Steinkellner.
Tokyo : Internnational Institute for Buddhist Studies 2017 BQ 3227 JIN / STE
The Suttanipāta : an ancient collection of the Buddha's discourses together with its commentaries : Paramatthajotikā II and excerpts from the Niddesa Bodhi, Bhikkhu

translated from the Pāli by Bhikkhu Bodhi.
Melksham : Pali Text Society 2017 BQ 1412 .E5 PTS / BOD
The temple of words : an anthology of modern Korean Buddhist poetry Han, Yong-un, 1879-1944.

by Han Yongun and others ; translation by David McCann ; introduction by Yun Jaewoong and Kim Jongjin.
Seoul : Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism 2017 PL 975.9 .B8 HAN