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Title Author Publisher Yearsort ascending Notes Class Code Shelf Loan Copy
Investigating the Dhamma : a collection of papers Bodhi, Bhikkhu

by Bhikkhu Bodhi ; edited by Bhikkhu Nyanatusita.
Kandy : Buddhist Publication Society 2015 BQ 4190 BOD
The Elders' verses. I : Theragāthā. 2nd. ed. Norman. K.R.

translated with an introduction and notes by K.R. Norman.
Lancaster : Pali Text Society 2015 Reprint. 2nd ed. first published : 2007. BQ 1442 .EN PTS
Buddhist meditative praxis : traditional teachings & modern applications Dhammajoti, Kuala Lumpur.

Editor, KL Dhammajoti.
Hong Kong : Centre of Buddhist Studies, University of Hong Kong 2015 BQ 5612 DHA
Saṃyukta-āgama studies Anālayo, 1962-

Taipei : Dharma Drum Publishing Corporation 2015 BQ 1332 .EN ANA
Tibetan yoga and mysticism : a textual study of the Yogas of Nāropa and Mahāmudrā meditation in the medieval tradition of Dags po Kragh, Ulrich Timme

Ulrich Timme Kragh.
Tokyo : International Institute for Buddhist Studies 2015 BQ 7699 .M34 KRA
The Ornament of lay followers : a translation of Ānanda's Upāsakajanālaṅkāra Agostini, Giulio

translated by Giulio Agostini.
Bristol : Pali Text Society 2015 BQ 5485 .EN AGO
Gao seng zhuan, scroll V ; Xu Gao seng zhuan, scroll XXVIII, XXIX, XXX Strategic Research Project of the Research Institute for Old Japanese Manuscripts

Strategic Research Project of the Research Institute for Old Japanese Manuscripts, the International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies.
Tokyo : International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies 2015 BQ 843 STR
Lance Cousins : commemorative day, June 2015, Manchester Centre for Buddhist Meditaiotn Samatha Association

Samatha Association.
Manchester : Samatha Association 2015 BQ 940 COU / SAM
Buddhist epistemology, logic and language Chhatre, Lata Dilip

by Lata Dilip Chhatre.
Delhi : New Bharatiya Book Corporation 2015 BQ 4440 CHH
Kasan Pulgyo tae sarim = 伽山佛敎大辭林
Encyclopaedia of Buddhism. Vol. 16
Yi, Chi-gwan, 1932- , 李智冠, 1932-

Chi-gwan p'yŏnjŏ.
Sŏul-si : Kasan Pulgyo Munhwa Yŏnʼguwŏn 2015 BQ 128 .K53 KAS