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Title Author Publisher Yearsort ascending Notes Class Code Shelf Loan Copy
Sacred Tibetan teachings on death and liberation : texts from the most ancient traditions of Tibet Orofino, Giacomella

preface by Namkhai Norbu ; translation and commentary by Giacomella Orofino.
Bridport : Prism 1853270490 BQ 4490 ORO
Meditation : oriental & occidental Acharya, Kala ... [et al.]

editors : Kala Acharya, Mariano Iturbe, Lalita Namjoshi, K.J. Somaiya Bharatiya Sanskriti Peetham.
Mumbai, New Delhi : Somaiya Publications 20131973 BQ 5618 .EN MED
Theravada Buddhism in colonial contexts Borchert, Thomas A.

edited by Thomas Borchert.
London & New York : Routledge 2018 BQ 7190 .T44 BOR
Annual report of the International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology at Soka University for the academic year 2017 International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology (IRIAB)

International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology.
Tokyo : International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology, Soka University 2018 BQ 2 INT / 17
저자 정보 리처드 곰 브리치 지음
How Buddhism began : the conditioned genesis of the early teachings
Gombrich, Richard F. (Richard Francis), 1937-

Richard F. Gombrich.
Seoul : CIR Co. Ltd. 2018 BQ 4150 GOM / HOW
Buddhism illuminated : manuscript art from Southeast Asia Camʿʺ Camʿʺ Me ; Igunma, Jana

San San May and Jana Igunma.
London : British Library 2018 ND 3247 BUD
The book of pairs and its commentary : a translation of the Yamaka and Yamakappakaraṇaṭṭhakathā. Vol. 1 Shaw, C.M.M. ; Cousins, L.S.

translated by C.M.M. Shaw and L.S. Cousins.
Bristol : Pali Text Society 2018 BQ 2550 .2 .E5 PTS / BOO
Buddhist heritage in India and Sri Lanka : rediscovery and restoration Fernando, R.P.

R.P. Fernando.
New Delhi : Kaveri Books 2017 BQ 239 .I4 FER
Early Indian epistemology and logic : fragments from Jinendrabuddhi's Pramāṉasamuccayaṭīkā 1 and 2 Steinkellner, Ernst

Ernst Steinkellner.
Tokyo : Internnational Institute for Buddhist Studies 2017 BQ 3227 JIN / STE
The Suttanipāta : an ancient collection of the Buddha's discourses together with its commentaries : Paramatthajotikā II and excerpts from the Niddesa Bodhi, Bhikkhu

translated from the Pāli by Bhikkhu Bodhi.
Melksham : Pali Text Society 2017 BQ 1412 .E5 PTS / BOD