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Title Author Publishersort descending Year Notes Class Code Shelf Loan Copy
Making and remaking history: a study of Tiantai sectarian historiography Chen, Jinhua, 1966-

Jinhua Chen.
Tokyo: International Institute for Buddhist Studies 1999 BQ 9112.4 CHE
Location list for the texts in the microfiche edition of the Phug brag Kanjur. Compiled from the microfiche edition and Jampe Samten's descriptive catalogue Eimer, Helmut

Helmut Eimer.
Tokyo: International Institute for Buddhist Studies 1993 Z 7862.4 EIM
An introduction to Buddhism Takasaki, Jikidō, 1926-

Takasaki Jikido ; translated by Rolf W. Giebel.
Tokyo: Tōhō Gakkai 1987 Translation of : Bukkyō nyūmon. Tokyo : Daigakushuppankai, 1986. BQ 4016 TAK
The five aggregates : understanding Theravāda psychology and soteriology Boisvert, Mathieu, 1963-

Mathieu Boisvert.
Toronto : Canadian Corporation for Studies in Religion 1995 BQ 7235 BOI
The cult of the deity Vajrakila, according to the texts of the Northern Treasures tradition of Tibet (Byang-gter phur-ba) Boord, Martin J.

by Martin J. Boord.
Tring : Institute of Buddhist Studies 1993 BQ 4890 .V334 BOO
The Bodhisattvapiṭaka : its doctrines, practices and their position in Mahāyāna literature Pagel, Ulrich

by Ulrich Pagel.
Tring : Institute of Buddhist Studies 1995 Revision of author's doctoral thesis. BQ 1800 .B637 PAG
The six perfections : an abridged version of E. Lamotte's translation of Nāgārjuna's Mahāprajñāpāramitāśāstra, chapters XVI-XXX Skorupski, Tadeusz

Tadeusz Skorupski.
Tring : Institute of Buddhist Studies 2002 BQ 1955 .N3314 SKO
The Buddhist heritage : papers delivered at the symposium of the same name convened at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, November 1985 Skorupski, Tadeusz

edited by Tadeusz Skorupski.
Tring: Institute of Buddhist Studies 1989 BQ 120 SKO
The story of Mahosadha : the birth story of the tunnel Chit Tin, Saya U ; Pruitt, William ; Saw Hlaing, U

adapted by Sayagyi U Chit Tin ; assisted by William Pruitt ; illustrations by U Saw Hlaing.
Trowbridge : International Meditation Centres in the Tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin 1992 BQ 1470 .UMM CHI
Shinran's gospel of pure grace Bloom, Alfred

by Alfred Bloom.
Tucson: University of Arizona Press 1965 BQ 8749 .SHI BLO