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Title Author Publisher Yearsort descending Notes Class Code Shelf Loan Copy
On the date of the Buddhist master of the law Vasubandhu Frauwallner, Erich, 1898-1974., Vasubandhu.

E. Frauwallner.
Roma: Is.M.E.O. 1951 BQ 7529 .V363 FRA
The Tibetan book of the dead, or, the after-death experiences on the Bardo plane, according to Lāma Kazi Dawa-Samdup's English rendering. 2nd ed. Karma-gliṅ-pa, active 14th century.

by W.Y. Evans-Wentz ; with foreword by Sir John Woodroffe.
London etc. : Oxford University Press 1951 Reprint. 2nd ed. first published : 1949. BQ 4490 .KAR EVA
Le concile de Lhasa : une controverse sur le quiétisme entre bouddhistes de l'Inde et de la Chine au VIII. siècle de l'ère chrétienne Demiéville, Paul

par Paul Demiéville.
Paris : Impr. nationale de France 1952 BQ 7600 DEM
Buddhism Humphreys, Christmas, 1901-1983.

Christmas Humphreys.
Harmondsworth : Penguin 1952 Reprint. First published : 1951. BQ 286 HUM
Buddhism in translations : passages selected from the Buddhist sacred books. Student's ed. Warren, Henry Clarke, 1854-1899.

by Henry Clarke Warren.
Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press 1953 Reprint. First published : 1896. BQ 1172 .E5 WAR
The book of the kindred sayings (Saṃyutta-nikāya), or, grouped suttas. Part III Woodward, F.L. (Frank Lee), 1870 or 71-1952.

translated by F.L. Woodward ; with an introduction by Mrs. Rhys Davids.
London : Luzac, for the Pali Text Society 1954 Reprint. First published : 1925. BQ 1332 .EN PTS
Les sectes bouddhiques du petit véhicule Bareau, André

par André Bareau.
Paris : École française d'Extrême-Orient 1955 BQ 7185 BAR
The book of the gradual sayings (Aṅguttara-nikāya), or, more-numbered suttas. Vol. V(the book of the tens and elevens) Woodward, F.L. (Frank Lee), 1870 or 71-1952.

translated by F.L. Woodward ; with an introduction by Mrs. Rhys Davids.
London: Luzac, for the Pali Text Society 1955 Reprint. First published : 1936. BQ 1342 .EN PTS
Die Lehre des Buddha und Karl Eugen Neumann : Eine Betrachtung zum 90. Geburstag K.E. Neumanns Hecker, Hellmuth

von Hellmuth Hecker.
Konstanz : Verlag Christiani 1955 BQ 1172 HEC
The thirty-eight blessings for world peace : with the Pāli text, translations, notes, word for word meaning of Mahā Maṅgala Sutta and appendices Ñāṇādicca, Thera.

by Ven. U Ñāṇādicca, Mahā Thera.
Rangoon : Burma Buddhist World-Mission 1955 BQ 1369.5 .M357 NAN