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Title Author Publisher Year Notes Class Code Shelf Loan Copy
Prajāpati's relations with Brahman, Bṛhaspati and Brahmā Gonda, J. (Jan), 1905-1991.

J. Gonda.
Amsterdam etc. : North-Holland 1989 BL 1124.7 GON
Dharmasūtras : the law codes of Āpastamba, Gautama, Baudhāyana, and Vasiṣtha Olivelle, Patrick

annotated text and translation, Patrick Olivelle.
Delhi : Motilal Banarsidass 2000 KNS 125 .D44 OLI
The Kubjikā Upaniṣad Goudriaan, Teun ; Schoterman, Jan A.

edited with a translation, introduction, notes and appendices by Teun Goudriann & Jan A. Schoterman.
Groningen : Egbert Forsten 2000 BL 1124.7 .K822 GOU
Saṃnyāsa Upaniṣads : Hindu scriptures on asceticism and renunciation Olivelle, Patrick

translated with introduction and notes by Patrick Olivelle.
New York & Oxford : Oxford University Press 1992 BL 1124.54 OLI
100 questions sur le bouddhisme Theravāda Treutenaere, Didier

Didier Treutenaere.
Paris : Éditions Soukha 2017 BQ 7230 TRE
The Niṣpannayogāvalī : a new critical edition of the Sanskrit text Abhayākaragupta, Mahāpaṇḍita, active 11th century-12th century.

Yong-Hyun Lee.
Seoul : Baegun Press 2003 BQ 3340 .N5722 ABH / LEE
Early Indian epistemology and logic : fragments from Jinendrabuddhi's Pramāṉasamuccayaṭīkā 1 and 2 Steinkellner, Ernst

Ernst Steinkellner.
Tokyo : Internnational Institute for Buddhist Studies 2017 BQ 3227 JIN / STE
The secret oral teachings in Tibetan Buddhist sects David-Neel, Alexandra, 1868-1969.

Alexandra David-Neel and Lama Yongden ; English translation by H.N.M. Hardy.
Calcutta : Maha Bodhi Society of India BQ 7634 DAV / SEC
Lance Cousins : commemorative day, June 2015, Manchester Centre for Buddhist Meditaiotn Samatha Association

Samatha Association.
Manchester : Samatha Association 2015 BQ 940 COU / SAM
Asian traditions of meditation Eifring, Halvor

edited by Halvor Eifring.
Honolulu : University of Hawai'i Press 2016 BL 627 .A85 EIF